Light Flight portable luggage scale - pink
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Light Flight luggage scales
Light Flight Travel Scale - No more baggage fees -airline requirements
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Two (2) Measuring Units Pounds and kilograms
Auto Calibration At start-up - 5 seconds
Dimensions (Closed) 5.75 x 3.4 x 2”
Weight 6.8 oz
Weight Capacity Up to 110 lb / 50 Kilograms
Accuracy .5 lb /.22 Kg
Batteries Required (2) lithium 3 volt CR3032
Auto Power Off 30 seconds
Operational Temp Range Operational Temp Range 50F

OPERATIONS luggage scale

light flight travel scale portable luggage scales



BATTERIES REQUIRED - (2) lithium 3 volt CR3032

TO OPEN - twist battery cover counter-clockwise.

TO INSERT NEW BATTERIES - Carefully tip the edge of each battery under the two metal tabs and allow the batteries to drop into cavity.

TO CLOSE - twist battery cover clockwise.

LOW BATTERY INDICATOR - Screen will display “ - ” (dash)